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Product Highlight: Pollution Legal Liability

Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) policies were once purchased exclusively by federally regulated facilities as a financial assurance alternative to comply with federal statutes. The versatility of […]

Risk Tip: Meeting Your Insurance Requirements: Common Pollution and Professional Pitfalls

By: Timothy Prosser, CPCU, RPLU Satisfying a client’s contractual requirement for Professional or Pollution Liability coverage isn’t always as simple as it seems; all policies are […]

How a Pollution Legal Liability Policy Can Benefit Your Business

Source: http://www.grahamco.com, December 7, 2015 By: Shane Riccio, The Graham Company Property owners often don’t consider pollution legal liability policies, but they should. As evidenced by […]

Contractor’s Pollution Liability Coverage: A New Trend?

Source: http://enewsletters.constructionexec.com, October 13, 2015 By: Jeff Slivka, New Day Underwriting Managers LLC Industrial pollution is a global problem. According to the U.S. Environmental Protective Agency […]