Environmental Data Searches

Environmental information is readily available and RT New Day has created a simple process for accessing various federal websites to collect this information – without charge. These websites can be utilized to determine the potential for environmental issues related to fixed sites. Typically all that is required is a zip code.  A list of the various federal sites that can be accessed without charge is being provided.

Here are a few examples of the organizations that may benefit from the use of these simple sites.

Property Owners/Buyers.  Any party to a property transaction could use these resources as a preliminary check to qualify properties quickly and cost effectively.

Construction Projects.  General contractors and subcontractors could utilize this information to quantify risk at proposed project sites prior to bidding.  It may raise red flags that the general contractor could raise with the owner.

Lending Institutions. Banks and other lenders could utilize this information to identify potential financial risk associated with environmental issues.

The websites listed below are the most simplistic sites to use.  In minutes you could generally identify toxic releases, groundwater monitoring wells, leaking underground tanks, etc. in a specific area.

My Environment

This is a web based tool that provides a wide range of federal, state, and local information about environmental conditions and features in an area of your choice. This application is provided by the U.S. EPA in partnership with federal, state, and local governments and other organizations.

EnviroFacts Data Warehouse

On this website, you can retrieve a sampling of information available pertaining to a specific area, or choose a selected topic for more in-depth information about the location.

EnviroMapper for Superfund

This tool combines interactive maps and aerial photography to map, display and query National Priorities List (NPL) sites.


This web site has four primary areas: Ozone Maps, Air Quality Forecasts, Where I Live, and Publications.

Groundwater/Drinking Water Contaminants

This site provides information on primary and secondary drinking water regulations and maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for specified contaminants.

The websites below are a bit more complex, time consuming and may require additional information.  However, they can deliver information that may be a bit more specific than others.

Enforcement & Compliance History Online

This site can identify compliance inspections conducted by EPA or state/local governments, violations that occurred and enforcement actions at specified facilities.

US Dept. of Labor Establishment Search

This page enables the user to search for OSHA enforcement inspections by the name of the establishment. Information may also be obtained for a specified inspection or inspections within a specified SIC.

EPA Substance Registry System

SRS now links to other databases on the basis of chemical identity. Search results include Nomenclature, Synonyms in EPA, Regulations in EPA, Data Sources, and Links.

US Drinking Water Information

This site lists the various drinking water sources by region, state and county.

RT New Day has partnered with EDR Environmental Data Resources Inc (EDR).  Headquartered in Milford, CT, EDR is a national provider of environmental information. EDR is a one-stop shop, offering current and historical environmental risk management information, an environmental market newsletter, training workshops, and state-of-the-art online services including interactive mapping.  For minimal costs, ER can develop a comprehensive report on all environmental aspects of a property or project site.  Below are some examples of reports.  Feel free to visit our Strategic Partners page to get contact information on EDR.

Environmental Due Diligence Procedure Guideline

Attached is a brief and simple one page guideline that can be used in identifying environmental contamination, substances or hazards on a parcel of property or project site.

See Attached Environmental Due Diligence Procedure Guideline

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